Secondary School Student Climate Survey
Grade *
I am usually well-prepared for class. *
I understand what is expected of me in preparation and participation. *
The class assignments make sense to me; I understand their purpose.
I feel safe and comfortable with the staff and students in this school. *
Students in my class treat each other with respect. *
The teachers always try to be fair. *
Students in this school accept and follow the rules. *
Students in my school care about learning and getting a good education.
I feel encouraged to participate in class and respond to others. *
The teachers effectively direct and stimulate discussion. *
The teachers treat me with respect. *
Our class stays busy and does not waste time. *
Student misbehavior affects the learning in the classroom. *
My teacher has several good ways to explain each topic that we cover in this class. *
The principal/teachers have high expectations for ALL students. *
My teachers do not let people give up when the work gets hard. *
My teachers want us to use our thinking skills, not just memorize things. *
My teachers check to make sure we understand what is being taught. *
The teacher/principal is willing to listen if a student has a serious problem. *
Teachers know about their students' lives outside of school.
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