2019 IFC Judicial Board Application Form
Application Due: January 24,2018 @ 11:59pm
For any questions or more info contact: ifcusf.standards@gmail.com

Minimum Requirements:
● Each Member Chapter may have a maximum of one Justice on the IFC Judicial Board
● Must be in Good Standing with his Member Chapter and in a Good Standing Member Chapter
● Must demonstrate an ability to make rational and impartial decisions
● The Justice may not be a: Chapter President, Recruitment Chairman, Social Chairman, New Member Educator, IFC Recruitment Advisor, approved IFC delegate, or IFC Executive Board member

Expectations and Responsibilities
● The purpose of the Judicial Board is to maintain, regulate, and enforce the Constitution, Bylaws, any/all governing documents of the IFC, the Student Code of Conduct, and any executive Orders issued by the IFC Advisor or IFC President.
● Maintain a working knowledge of the IFC Constitution, Bylaws, and Judicial Code
● Maintain a working knowledge of University Policies and assist in Spring Recruitment
● Attend all Judicial Board trainings, meetings, and hearings unless excused by the IFC VP of Standards
● Approach all judicial proceedings as an unbiased member of the Judicial Board

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1. What are some values that members of the Judicial Board should hold themselves to? *
2. Why do you want to be actively involved in the fraternity/sorority community as an IFC Judicial Board member? *
3. What do you think is the most challenging part about being an IFC Judicial Board member? *
4. What does an ethical and safe IFC Community look like? *
Today’s society sets few rules as to what behaviors are or are not responsible regarding alcohol consumption. As the final part of your application, please rank the following scenarios from 1 (most responsible behavior) to 5 (least responsible behavior). There are no right or wrong answers; this is just to compare thoughts among applicants.
Nick, driving back to the residence hall from an off-campus keg party, has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08, which in Virginia is the legal definition of intoxication. He is weaving erratically down the street and almost crashes into an oncoming car. *
1 (most responsible behavior) to 5 (least responsible behavior)
Suzanne really likes mixed drinks. About twice a week, in her dorm room, she makes herself several drinks using her favorite 80-proof liquor (40 % alcohol). Sometimes she has more than several and completely misses dinner in the dining hall. *
1 (most responsible behavior) to 5 (least responsible behavior)
Jack, having been frustrated all day, that night goes to a local bar and drinks 6 beers in 1 hour. He weighs about 175 pounds and his BAC is 0.07. He gets angry and starts fighting by breaking a bottle over the head of a larger man sitting next to him. *
1 (most responsible behavior) to 5 (least responsible behavior)
Sandy, a graduate student who is divorced, and living with her small child is becoming an alcoholic. She drinks her beer throughout the day, which caused her to gain an excessive amount of weight. One afternoon, a friend stopping by to visit finds Sally asleep in the middle of her unkempt living room. Her child is in her crib, crying and hungry. *
1 (most responsible behavior) to 5 (least responsible behavior)
Already feeling high, a group of rowdy guys on their way to a party in a residence hall across from theirs decide to chug a can of beer each. Before they leave, one of the guys pulls down the overhead light fixture. Laughing, the others start to wrestle. Some of them fall against the glass of a fire hose cabinet and the glass breaks. *
1 (most responsible behavior) to 5 (least responsible behavior)
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