Crestline Parents Distance Learning Evaluation
Dear Parents:

Thank you for your support of Crestline Schools this school year. Distance learning in March, April and May required a monumental team effort between our teachers, staff and families. I am proud of what we accomplished by working together.

Like educators across the nation, I am hopeful and optimistic that students will be able to safely return to classrooms in the fall. It is important, however, for us to evaluate our distance learning services to make improvements, in case it is necessary for school buildings to close again in the future.

Please take time to complete the survey below -- once for every Crestline school your children attend. We value and appreciate your input. Thank you for your assistance.


Matt Henderson
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How could the district improve communication in the event that distance learning is necessary again in the future?
How easy was it to access school assignments? *
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How academically challenged did your child/ren feel by distance learning assignments? *
Do you think the assignments and support provided to your child/ren during distance learning helped adequately prepared them for next school year? *
If given the opportunity, would your family voluntarily choose online learning through Crestline in the future? *
If it is necessary to move to distance learning again in the future, what could the district do differently to better serve your child academically?
Did the school counselor, Village Network or Community Counseling contact your family during the distance learning period? *
Did the school provide your family with adequate support to ensure the emotional needs of your child were met while distance learning? *
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OPTIONAL - Did you utilize the meal service provided by the district during distance learning?
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