Creative Jam Tournament Submission

What to Expect
1. Fill out the following form, including your portfolio. If selected, you choose your own teammate. They don't have to also submit. You need to be a current student or graduated within the last three years.
2. The theme is revealed when you arrive the night of the event. If you are doing photography you will get the theme at 7a.m. that day.
3. Teams have approximately 3 hours to complete a motion/video design, graphic design, photography or UX/UI piece (Using Adobe XD). If you are doing photography you'll do your post production in 3 hours at the venue but get the theme that morning. Those doing UX/UI will be offered a briefing one week prior to the event to learn tips & tricks.
4. Each team presents their work to a larger audience.
5. Winners receive one free year of Creative Cloud and a trophy.
1. Be a member of Adobe Creative Cloud or have the trial.
2. Have a account with your portfolio or a similar portfolio. Its super easy to make! We will use this portfolio to select who competes!
3. Bring your own laptop and power cords. (*Some events will be in school labs and this might not be needed)
4. Bring other hardware like iPad, Wacom, stylus, etc. if you need it.
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