Indian Games Industry Anonymous Salary Survey 2021
If you are part of our industry, please take a quick, short and anonymous survey. This will take less than a minute of your time.

Why are we doing this? We are doing this because our industry is opaque and we deserve to know what we are worth and we deserve to be able to demand our worth! We want to bring parity to workplaces for everyone!

We will be posting a report of our findings on our free blog, please feel free to subscribe to get notified - To know more about us or talk to us, please visit
What is the nature of your current organisation? *
What is your current CTC? *
Your current cost to the company, including variable pay, pre-tax in Lakhs Per Annum (LPA); eg: 15,00,000
How much of your salary is fixed every year?
The part of your CTC that is fixed; eg: 13,50,000
How much of your salary is variable every year?
The part of your CTC that is variable; eg: 1,50,000
Do you have stock options? *
What is the vesting period if you have stock options?
What is your primary job role in your current company? *
What is your current experience level at your current company? *
How many years have you been working in the Indian games industry? *
How many different companies have you worked in the games industry thus far? *
Including the current one you are in.
What company do you work for right now?
This is completely optional and again, this survey is anonymous!
Which of the following most accurately describe(s) you? *
Women and other genders tend to get paid way lesser than men for the same roles, help us discover the disparity!
Which age group do you fit into? *
This will hopefully help us to see if there is a large disparity in salaries for younger employees than older ones.
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