Puppy Questionnaire
Companion/Pet quality - starting @ $3,500  
Co-Ownership/Show potential - starting @ $5,000
*Breeding Rights - not available to the public*

This is only an application.  There is no offer, agreement or opportunity to purchase and obtain a BellaVista Labrador outside of a BellaVista Labrador LLC's written signed buyer seller's purchase agreement specifying a selected dog including our offer to you and all terms of sale.  Pictures of both parents, Pedigrees, health clearances and a sample BellaVista Labrador Contract with various purchase options shall be provided prior to being invited to view, evaluate, and select from available puppies, prices and terms may vary.  Breeding rights are not available to the public but may only be obtained conditionally upon completing Conformation Show Titles, additional terms apply, and Registration may be withheld, limited or remain in the breeder's name until specific purchase option conditions have been met or veterinary proof that the animal has been neutered or spayed.  Applicants must be the responsible owner, possessor and caretaker.  Dogs may not be transferred or resold.  Deposits if received reserve an order of visitation and are not a contract to buy or sell.  We always reserve pick of the litter, reserve the right to return deposits and refuse the sale of any dog/puppy at any time.    

Please know that only once a litter has been vet checked and evaluated for show potential at 8 to 12+ weeks of age do we then reach out to our contact lists to discuss availability.  Everyone who has taken the time to fill out our puppy questionnaire shall receive a response.

Thank you again for your interest in our Labradors!!  
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How long will the dog/puppy be alone during the day? *
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Where will your puppy/dog be during the day? *
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Do you currently have any other dogs, how many, of what sex, are they spayed or neutered? *
What is the name and address of your vet? *
What is the name and contact info of your previous breeder/shelter/adoption agency? *
In addition to the puppy being a treasured family companion, are you interested in Hunting? Obedience? Agility? Rally? Tracking? or Therapy? *
Would you agree to a non-breeding spay neuter agreement? *
Are you planning to enroll yourself and your puppy in a training class? *
Would you agree not to spay or neuter your BellaVista Labrador prior to growth plates having fully formed? *
Are you interested in showing Conformation or breeding the dog?   *
Would you allow BellaVista Labradors to retain co-ownership, showing, and breeding rights to any show potential puppy available for sale? *
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