National Latin Exam Volunteer Application
The National Latin Exam is accepting applications for new consultants and committee members. These committees promote the National Latin Exam's mission and support its outreach efforts. We do not always have open positions, but we will keep applications on file for three years and make contact with you as positions become available.


- Be a member of the American Classical League (under whose umbrella NLE operates) and active in professional classical organizations

- Experienced in teaching Latin (preferably multiple levels)

- Able to offer a diversity of perspectives and experiences for classical learning

- Committed to the NLE statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Please see under "About Us" then "Philosophy")

- Strong writing skills, well-developed organizational skills, and a willingness to learn new technology


- Possess strong collaboration and interpersonal skills

- Self-motivated

- Detail-oriented

- Enthusiastic and passionate about Latin and Latin Pedagogy

- Reliable and committed to deadlines

- Able to problem-solve and demonstrate flexibility as needed

- Demonstrate a high level of productivity and exhibit accountability for assigned work


Time requirements vary by committee, but in general these positions require smaller time commitments than being a member of the Writing Committee. Consultants assist primarily in the fall, while the scholarship committees have either late winter or late spring deadlines, depending on the scholarship. The DEI and Outreach/ Resource Committees' work is spread out periodically throughout the year.

Thank you for your interest in supporting this effort; we ask that all applicants read over the above requirements and expectations before submitting their application of interest.
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