What Would You Like to See at VCCC?
We want to give you the most positive, fun, uplifting programs ever in 2017! What can we do to improve our program offerings? If you have a specific program in mind that YOU would like to present, please go on and submit your wonderful program proposal here: http://tinyurl.com/vcccprograms
What has been a favorite program you have attended in the past?
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Any programs you didn't particularly enjoy? Why?
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If you have never attended a program at VCCC before, or if you haven't attended in a long while, please share your reasons as you feel comfortable.
If you answered "Other" in the previous question, please feel free to share your thoughts further here:
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How do you hear about program offerings at the Valle Crucis Conference Center?
How do you typically register for a VCCC program?
What do you think a fair price is for a day program?
If program registration and payment were available online, would you be more or less likely to attend?
Preferred day of week for programs
Preferred Program Length
What general subject areas are you most interested in? Check all that apply and add your own if you wish.
Is there a speaker or particular topic you would be particularly interested in seeing come to VCCC?
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