2017 Marketing Request Form
THIS FORM IS MEANT FOR EVENTS ONLY and all requests must be made at least 30 days prior to event! All meetings and other gatherings are to be handled by the Associate Pastors. Please provide all necessary information relevant to your event. Please respect all deadlines for submission.
Date of Request
All requests must be made at least 30 days prior to event! Graphics may not be completed in time if requests aren't made within the requested time frame.
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What ministry or LWFC department is making this request?
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Ministry or Staff Coordinator
Person making the request.
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Associate Pastor Approval
By completing this form, it is understood that you have received approval from your ministry's Pastor. If you're a team member from ABC Word or the Christian Academy, please select ABC/CA request.
My Associate Pastor is...
List the Pastor's name. Type NA if you are making a request from LWCA or ABC Word.
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What is the title of the event or activity as it should appear on printed materials, banners or website?
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When is this event?
Event Details
Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How (Enter ALL RELEVANT infomation)
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What time is this event
When does it start?
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Design Specifics
How may ways would you like to publicize this event or activity?
If "Other" give details below:
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Indicate whether you are uploading/sending artwork (Yes or No). Check the 3rd box if the marketing department needs to supply all of the graphics for your promotional pieces.
Special instructions or comments.
If you are needing the Marketing Dept. to provide Graphics, please indicate what you like on the graphics. Also if you are sending images or photos, use either wetransfer.com, Dropbox or Google Drive. If you have no special instructions/requests, please type "NA".
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