Be Interviewed for Research Study: Understanding the Experiences of Early Career Technology Professionals
Backgrounder: What We're Doing and Why We Are Looking for People to Interview

The Women in Tech-Retention (WIT-R) project investigates why many women are leaving the high-tech field in large numbers — 50% more than men leave mid-career. Whereas much research is focused on getting women into STEM, nearly none addresses the work conditions needed for women to stay and thrive. To find out more about the WIT-R project go to:

For this phase of the project, InContext is collaborating with the University of Maryland. The project focuses on understanding how to best prepare women and men for success early in their technology careers. We would like to talk with recent graduates to understand how your education did or did not help you transition to success at work. Then we’d like to explore your early job experiences after graduation. We are interested in how your employer trained or prepared you for success in your first job. We are looking for people working in industry for 9-24 months in technology professions such as development, technical product management, user research, and design.

The interview will be in person or remotely through Skype for two hours at a time convenient to you. All interviews are confidential. Interviewers take anonymous written notes during the sessions. Interview notes will reference a user number and all organizational names will be removed. No personally identifying information is captured. Thank you for being willing to help with this inquiry. You are helping us improve both the education curriculum and what companies do to get young people started in their careers.

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