3DS Max Chapter Three Quiz
After reviewing Chapter Three in the textbook or in the video tutorials, please answer the questions below. Use complete sentences and be thorough with your answers, this is a graded assignment.
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Question ONE:  What is 3D space?  Describe it. *
(This question pertains to the 3D space in 3DS Max.  It might be helpful to compare that to the "3D" images created in AutoCAD using ISOMETRIC drawing techniques.
Question TWO:  Describe the viewport gizmos that are available to manipulate objects and viewports in 3DS Max. *
Question THREE:  How can you save a viewport configuration that you have created that you really like? *
Question FOUR:  Describe how to use some of the tools available in 3DS Max to change the ways you use viewports in the program. *
Question FIVE:  What are the keyboard/mouse shortcuts for the following 3DS Max tools:  Maximize/Minimize Viewports/ Pan/ Orbit/ Zoom/ Perspective/ Left/ Top/ Bottom/ Front. *
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