CambrianSV 2 Application
The theme for CambrianSV 2 is "Unbounded Efficiency: Bitcoin in a post-Genesis world".

Efficiency is achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. In Bitcoin, beyond just good product ideas, and cool apps, efficiently coordinating transactions, identities, data, and interoperability accelerates Bitcoin's network growth.

Cambrian 2 aims to bring all the top players and new upstart miners, protocol creators, applications, and technologists to learn, work, and create (maybe even debate) the most efficient Bitcoin ecosystem.

Topics include but not limited to wallet infrastructure, miner services, app-wallet-miner structure, application schema, and protocols, interoperability, SPV etc.

Deadline for submission is December 19th, 2019

*Your application will be read and only read by members of the Relay team. For the interest of disclosure, Relay has ongoing commercial activity and development relating to wallet, banking, exchange, fiat and cryptocurrency remittance, OTC, payments, payroll, invoicing, chat, and OS products.
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