SCOPH Congress 2018

- Call for Head of OC & OCs -🗣

As we promised you before, here is another surprise from SCOPH-Jo! 💛

SCOPH Congress is a conference attended by medical students, Public Health professors, activists and NGOs' Representatives from all over Jordan.

It aims to create a network of public health workers in an atmosphere that facilitates communication among activists, NGOs and sponsors as well as promoting SCOPH-Jo activities. In addition, SCOPH Congress discusses the major public health issues that concern the community, so it will have a specific theme and workshops.

In addition there will be a competition between SCOPH-LCs, where each LC can represent its best SCOPH projects in a project fair and the best project chosen by the panel of judges will be awarded.

Selection Criteria:
- SCOPHian 1 point
- Past experience 3 points
- Motivation letter 3 points
- Ideas and skills 3 points
-Availability 2 points

If you have any inquiries feel free to contact me!

Seri Maani,
National Public Health Officer (NPO) | IFMSA-Jo
Mobile | +962 79 7973174
Email |

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