Thanks, we appreciate your interest and support for our brand. Please understand that we receive many requests for sponsorships every week. Sponsorships are limited and based on the merits and needs of the individual athlete, in addition to the potential exposure the athlete may bring for ProLite.

For your request to receive proper attention, completely fill out our sponsorship application form and submit it along with any supporting documentation.

In return for any potential support, we expect high-quality images and video, equipment feedback/reviews to use in our various promotional and advertising channels.

Criteria used to select athletes include personal biography, tournament accomplishments, reputation, image and conduct on and off the court, etc. We also take into account the athlete’s recommendations from respected members of the pickleball world and other factors.

Due to the large volume of requests, we are unable to individually respond to each application. We will respond to requests we plan to support, but please allow up to four weeks for a response. Applicants must not have any current contracts that would cause a conflict. By completing the application, you affirm that you are eligible to do so.

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