Alpine Parrot Fit Survey
Want to help make a perfect pair of hiking pants? Fill out the survey below!

Bonus: if you want to be a fit tester, add your contact information at the bottom 😁
What size pant do you typically wear, and in what brand / style? (Ex: 18, Prana, Halle Pant) *
Where do you buy pants? *
REI,, straight from the manufacturer...?
What do you love about your favorite pair of pants? *
What do you dislike about them? *
What could be better about them?
Have you ever returned a pair of pants? If so - why?
What is most important when considering a new pair of hiking pants? *
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Would you wear shorts? *
What other outdoor clothing do you wish you had? What's missing from your hiking wardrobe?
Are you a member of any online communities, and if so, which ones?
How do you find places to hike?
Given infinite resources, what product do you think Alpine Parrot should make next?
Want to be a fit tester?
6 lucky folks will get their hands on the first ever prototypes - your feedback will be incredibly valuable!
Where do you live? (City / State)
What is your email?
Do you identify as a member of the Black, Indigenous, Latinx, or another community of color?
Diversity and inclusion are central to the Alpine Parrot Vision and Mission; by answering this question, we can ensure that we are building a diverse pool of fit testers.
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