Initial Accreditation Evaluation Tool
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It will estimate your initial FSETA Technical Accreditation Level based on:

- Academic history
- Simulation and other technical training courses completed, and
- Time spent in the flight simulation maintenance industry

If answered with honesty and you hold documents to support your answers, you will get an accurate evaluation. Your current job title, employer, country of employment or local regulatory authority do not influence these results or a formal FSETA Accreditation.

An FSETA Technical Accreditation Level demonstrates you are technically qualified to perform 'FSTD Operationally Critical Tasks' listed in Section 1.15 of the FSETA Membership and Accreditation document. A link to this will be provided once your evaluation is completed.

An example of one task is highlighted below:

- Act as signatory for the release of a qualified FSTD from daily maintenance

An FSETA Accreditation Level of 6, 7 or 8 is required to be qualified to perform this task.

If your evaluation result indicates you are at Level 5 or lower, you require more technical training and/or industry experience to perform this task.

The opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on this tool is available at the end. All feedback is appreciated.

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