SpiceCorps Demographics and Feedback
Hey all! Thanks for taking a few minutes to fill this out. Along with organizing their own meetups, many SpiceLeaders work diligently to network with vendors new to Spiceworks and get them involved in SpiceCorps. Often, these vendors need some numbers and demographic info to pass to the higher-ups to get sponsorships approved. This survey will help us to bring in sponsors that are more in line with the products y'all use day to day, and sponsors that can provide short training and product demos on products, services, and topics you're all interested in. (If you are a SpiceLeader, you are still welcome to fill out the survey!)

Some of the info below will also help us to snag some of the bigger vendors that require some sort of info on what industries attendees work in, how many users/machines they support, etc. And some will help us to make sure sponsors bring good swag!

None of the questions on here are required, so if you're not comfortable answering something (or it's not relevant to you/your business), feel free to skip it. No PII is requested at all here, so please be as candid and blunt as you like.
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