This survey is intended to inform the future direction of NILMTK. Please fill out the survey if you're aware of NILMTK. All questions are optional.
Have you used NILMTK yet?
Which existing modules of NILMTK do you find useful?
What new features would you like to see in NILMTK?
(We can't promise to implement these but your opinions will help us shape the future of NILMTK)
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What do you see as the barriers to contributing to NILMTK?
Do you have any additional comments on how to make NILMTK easier to contribute to?
e.g. please give more details to explain the items you selected in the previous question.
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Would you be interested in a user interface built on top of NILMTK?
Please give details on what functionality would you like.
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Would you be interested in attending a NILMTK Google Hangouts On Air?
This would be a live online workshop where we describe how to use NILMTK and answer questions.
What would you like to see discussed at a Google Hangout On Air?
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Which data sets are you aware of?
Please specify any other data sets not listed
Would find a central repository of data sets useful?
Which languages do you use for NILM research?
What frequency data do you work with?
What best describes your affiliation?
Which country do you work in?
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What is your email?
(If you don't mind us contacting you to follow up on any suggestions)
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