UU Day at the Legislature
UU Day at the Legislature is on President's Day, Monday February 17th 2020. We asked for and received lots of helpful feedback from UUs that have participated year after year. Some of the biggest themes we heard you say:
*9am-3pm is too long of an event.
*Youth participation relies on the holiday schedule.
*It's frustrating when your reps/senators won't meet.
*For some of you it's far to travel, and you didn't find much to do while waiting for your appointment.
*Others said they regretted missing mini-workshops when they had their appointments at the same time.
*You appreciate the Legislative Alert from Anne so you know what's happening at the Capitol.
*You've been more active on RTS, writing, emailing, and calling your legislatures than in years past, but you do still like to meet in person, especially if you live locally to Phoenix.

In hearing this feedback, and thinking about our capacity as UUJAZ, and where you've asked us to best devote our energy, we decided that this year's UU DATL will continue to focus on appointments with your legislators. We will not be encouraging folks to stay for an entire day of programming. We are asking folks who are "captains" in your districts to schedule their appointments between 11-1. We will gather for an update on the UU values in the legislature. More details will be sent to those who sign up as we get closer.

You can add your appointment time to this schedule, if you are a captain: https://doodle.com/poll/y7g2wiq9dndxmgzv
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