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Welcome friend! We host three main types of events:

Art Pop-Ups at 2051 Market Street (last Friday 4-9pm and second Saturday 12-6pm of every month)
Artists selling work plus a theme, sometimes food, sometimes games! No fee. You bring everything you need for your setup (more details below).

Exhibitions at 2051 Market (next one begins November 18th!)
Artists hanging stuff on walls / displaying their work inside the building. You can have this work for sale or not - we don't take a commission!

More workshops/community-led stuff!
If you've got other ideas on how to use the space, we're up for hearing them! Submit your ideas via this form:

2051 Market has two floors, a main party room upstairs and smaller rooms on both levels. There's a sauna, a couple bathrooms, lots of walls, a massage room. Some speakers available, but otherwise no sound equipment. Here are some pics and videos:

Our website:
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If you want to exhibit your work, let us know what your vision is for your exhibit, when you're available, and any other questions and concerns you might have! We will be in touch when we have future exhibiting opportunities!
If you want to participate in the pop-ups, please join our WhatsApp group (we communicate via WhatsApp, not email, for those). When you join the group, say your name so we know who you are

Helpful details below:
Time: Friday pop-ups are from 4-9pm, Saturday pop-ups are from 12-6. We encourage everyone to be there the whole time, but we also understand coming late and leaving early if necessary!
Location: 2051 Market Street 
Load in / out: Set up starts at 3:30pm on Fridays and 11:30am on Saturdays. It's indoors, load in and load out through the front.
Bring: your setup (a table, chair, stuff to sell) and anything else you may need. Wall space will usually be limited or nonexistent, so assume table only (6’ is great, 4’ is even better to fit more people).
Parking / transportation: Rides / carpooling is encouraged (that's what the WhatsApp group is for!). There are a few spots in front of the building, and street parking in the surrounding neighborhood.
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Describe your craft here. Music, Visual arts, Performance, Massage/healing/bodywork etc? Do you have a theme or topic you often explore? *
Submit a link to examples of your work here if applicable.
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Logistically - what do you have? What can you offer? What do you need? Hanging equipment, space, exhibition, sound equipment, etc?
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