Ludum Dare 35 - Game Suggestions!
Backslash Network loves supporting devs who make really cool stuff and show their hard work.

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In this Ludum Dare you can suggest the games you made or another person's game for Tilde to play on the channel! We will go through all the suggestions as soon as possible and contact you back, so be sure to put your email or Twitter handle somewhere.

How long is your game's gameplay? *
Are you working alone or with a team? *
Is it the game you made? (You and your team?) *
What type of game is it? *
What is your game about? (Don't spoil the ending if there is any!)
Your answer
Should we know something about it before we play the game? (Hidden Easter eggs, secrets, hidden levels)
Your answer
If Backslash Network confirms to play your game, will you mention them or add them in your game some way? (As an Easter Egg or in the credits)
Has a game you made for the Ludum Dare ever been included in a gameplay video by any Youtuber? *
What's the link to your game's Ludum Dare page? *
Your answer
Who are you on social media? Give us all your links so we can put them in the video's description. *
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Have you ever won a Ludum Dare before? (A gold medal on Overall or any gameplay category) *
We might want to contact you, what's your email address for this?
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Thank you for suggesting your game to us.
We will be reading your answers shortly and make a decision. If your game is picked to be played for our channel, you can be sure a lot of people will check out your game and let's hope that your rise to gamedev fame goes smooth, fast & steady. It's important to make friends along the way, so we hope that whatever your dreams are in life, that they come true and we want to help in any way possible. That's our goal for own viewers and all of our friends.

Please make sure that we have a means of contacting you and go make a Twitter account if you don't have one so we can retweet your tweets, advertize your amazing game and talk about anything.

Here's a preview of what your video could be like:
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