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Launch Greensboro accelerates growth for entrepreneurs starting businesses in the Greensboro/Triad area by providing education, mentoring, and access to capital.

Our 14-week accelerator program, LaunchLab Growth, works with growth-stage companies to help them move their business forward faster. We run two cohorts a year (February-May and September-December). One of the primary components of the program is a curated mentor or coach who works one-on-one with an entrepreneur for three months to provide depth of thinking, strategy, outside perspective, and a broader network.

We invite you to complete this form which will provide us valuable information about you and with whom you may best work (whether from an industry, specific need, or personality perspective). This information goes into a database that we can pull from, and will help us lay the foundation for a successful relationship.
*If you are new to our organization, we will reach out to you via email and phone to get to know you better and strategize about how you can best support entrepreneurship!

If you have questions or concerns, please email Jenn Hensel, our Assistant Director, at
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