The Pedigree Collapse, Double/Multiple Cousin, and ROH Shared cM Project

I am collecting a dataset of shared cMs for KNOWN relationships where the two test-takers share multiple relationships.

1. MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIPS (DOUBLE COUSINS) - two test-takers may share two or more relationships in common. For example, the two test-takers may share two relationships such as first cousins (1C) and third cousins (3C). What two or more relationships do the two test-takers share, and how much DNA do they share? This survey collects data for matches that share UP TO FOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

2. PEDIGREE COLLAPSE (MATING PAIR COUSINS) - two test-takers may have shared ancestors that are related. For example, two test-takers may share grandparents that were second cousins, and they may share 1020 cM. What is the pedigree collapse (meaning what is the relationship of the shared ancestral couple), and how much DNA do those two test-takers share?

3. RUNS OF HOMOZYGOSITY (ROH) - a test-taker may have VERY recent pedigree collapse that causes them to receive the same DNA from both parents, such as parents that were second cousins, first cousins, and closer.  If you've used the "Are your parents related?" tool at GEDmatch, what is the amount of shared DNA and what is the KNOWN relationship of your parents?

Aggregated results (not emails) will be made publicly available in order to benefit all genealogists.
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Are the two test-takers DOUBLE/MULTIPLE COUSINS (where they share two or more relationships)? Or are the two test-takers both the descendants of a PEDIGREE COLLAPSE event (where an ancestral mating pair were cousins)? Or are you reporting a result from the "Are Your Parents Related Tool?" at GEDmatch? *
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