Alaska Student Teacher Interest Form
This is an online form for students in pre-service teacher preparation and certification programs to indicate their potential interest in doing their student teacher / practicum / internship / practice teaching experience in rural Alaska. The Alaska Teacher Placement office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks maintains a list of both school districts and potential student teachers. If you sign up here, ATP will provide your contact information to school district HR staff that are a potential "match", but no promises of a placement are possible. This form may be filled out by undergraduate and graduate students in both Alaska and the Lower 48 states who are searching for a potential rural Alaska placements.
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Student Name *
Email Address *
Please provide the best email address for districts to use to contact you.
Phone Number *
Please provide the best phone number and area code for districts to use to contact you.
State of Residence *
What state are you currently a resident of?
Current University or College Name *
Brief Description of Your Current Educational Program *
Please tell us what your major and program are about, and what sort of teaching certificate or licensure you are pursuing.
What subjects / grade levels would you be most interested in Student Teaching with? *
List the subjects and grade levels, or provide a description of your program requirements.
Which school year and semester are you seeking a placement? *
Fall Semseter usually runs August to December / Spring usually runs January to May
Has your university or training program worked with student placements in Alaska in the past? *
Just select "Not Sure" if you aren't aware of any prior placements.
What sort of school and living environments would best fit your interests? *
Select all settings that interest you. You can find descriptions of these terms on the Alaska Teacher Placement website.
If you have researched Alaska villages or schools, are there any you are particularly interested in?
List the school locations you would possibly be interested in if you know of them.
If housing is available, but requires sharing an apartment with a certified teacher, would you be OK with that? *
Sharing housing in rural Alaska is pretty common...FYI.
Does your ability to share housing have any limitations such as allergies or other important stipulations?
List any concerns or allergies you may have.
Do you have any special interests in activities or sports that you might be willing to help with? If so, list them here. *
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