2018 LSCOB Participation Form
We journey together in faith as participants with the Living Stream Church of the Brethren! We have designed our congregation in such a way as to renew our participation and commitment to each other and this congregation on a yearly basis, so that we can celebrate those who are choosing to be on this journey of faith with us year by year.

Please use this form to share the level of participation you choose for 2018, whether viewer, friend, associate member, or member. (We will follow up with anyone indicating that they desire the more formal categories of associate membership or membership for the first time, to talk about receiving you as a member.) By completing this form, we will know better who is participating in our congregation. Additionally, by naming your gifts, talents, and interests, you will help your pastoral team know how best to include you... thank you!

Please don't hesitate to contact your pastors at pastors@livingstreamcob.org if you have any questions. We are glad that you are choosing to participate with us in the coming year!

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