Home Game in the Cloud (DM Matt Layne)
This form is for groups interested in joining our longer-form BMG D&D pilot program. We are looking for groups of 5 players who are able to play with DM Matt Layne at a mutually convenient time between 6pm and midnight Eastern Time on a Monday through Thursday. The pace of games and which particular adventure you want to play are between you and the DM to determine, but should take roughly 12-16 hours of gameplay and be completed no later than August 21st, 2022. Payments will be made in advance of each session through the Yawning Portal and will be collected into a lump sum of $50 (2-hour sessions) or $100 (4-hour sessions) for the table per session.
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Do you have a full group of 5 players ready to play? *
Is your whole group available to meet during the times that Matt is available and capable of completing 12-16 hours of adventuring by August 21st, 2022? *
Do you understand and agree to the pricing structure? (Single payment of either $50 or $100 per session for 2 or 4 hours of gameplay per session, respectively.) *
Are you prepared to work with Matt in choosing the times and frequency of your sessions, along with deciding on an adventure or series of adventures that will meet the criteria provided above? *
What's the full name (first and last) of your contact person for the group? *
How can we get in touch with you to follow up with questions or to have you coordinate gameplay with Matt? (email, discord username, messenger name, etc.) *
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