Thank you for taking the time to update information on your FSILGs alumni volunteer status and contact information. The information you enter here will be shared with:

- Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) - for email lists
- MIT Alumni Association - for volunteer service records
- FSILG Cooperative Inc. - for officer contacts
- Independent Residence Development Fund - for mailing & contact data
- FSILG Office - for records, email lists, and contact records

No information will be shared beyond the above groups. If you are not sure whether your organization has up-to-date alumni contact records, please email the FSILG Office directly (fsilg-office@mit.edu) and we can notify you of who is on file.

This form will also allow the submitter and other alumni officers to be added to relevant email lists and to volunteer for any AILG committees. (see http://ailg.mit.edu/committees/)

If you are submitting for more than one person, you will have to submit one form per person.

Thank you!

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Mailing List Membership
Should this person (yourself or the officer you are submitting for) be added to any of the following email lists? Select all that apply.
Volunteering for the Association of Independent Living Groups?
Please check committee(s) which the Officer may be interested in volunteering for. Selecting a committee or working group does not not obligate the Officer to participate. The chair of the respective committee or working group will contact the Officer directly to discuss more details of the committee work. Information on each of the committees can be found at: http://ailg.mit.edu/committees/
Would you or the officer like more information about the FSILG Cooperative, Incorporated?
The FCI is an independent purchasing group, owned by the FSILGs. You can find details at http://fsilg.coop/. Check "Yes" on this option and the FCI will get in touch.
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