Natural Resource Survey | Dickinson Conservation District | 2020
Every 5 years, our District completes a Natural Resource Assessment in order to help us better meet and serve the natural resource needs of our county and its residents. For the year 2020, the District is seeking public feedback in order to complete this process and develop our plan of work.
We want to hear from you!

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Please complete this survey by December 31, 2020.
Question 1 *
What is your five digit zip code?
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Question 2 *
How long have you lived in Dickinson County?
Question 3 *
How much property do you own in Dickinson County?
Question 4 *
How would you describe the setting in which you live or own property?
Resource Issues
Question 5 - Land Use *
Please select the top THREE (3) Land Use issues that you think will be of concern over the next 5 years in Dickinson County
Question 6 - Water Quality *
Please select the top THREE (3) Water Quality issues that you think will be of concern over the next 5 years in Dickinson County
Question 7 - Wildlife & Habitat *
Please select the top THREE (3) Wildlife & Habitat issues that you think will be of concern in the next 5 years in Dickinson County
Please indicate your recycling habits:
Question 8A
I recycle the following regularly (select all that apply):
Question 8B
Other recycling habits:
Question 8C
If you DON'T recycle, please indicate why not (select all that apply):
Question 8D
Would you be willing to pay more to have curbside recycling? If so, what amount per year?
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YOUR Natural Resources
Question 9 *
How do you utilize natural resources for recreation purposes? Please select all that apply from the list below
Question 10 *
What sources do you prefer to use to keep informed about news and information concerning natural resource issues in Dickinson County? (Select all that apply)
Question 11A
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your knowledge of environmental issues?
Very Poor
Question 11B *
What types of environmental groups or activities are you involved in (if any):
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Question 12 *
What do you feel are the most important conservation practices or services offered that you feel the Dickinson Conservation District should focus on in the next 5 years?
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Question 13
Would you like to be added to the Dickinson Conservation District email list to receive news, updates, events, volunteer opportunities, or sales information? (If yes, please add email address below)
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Question 14
Do you have any additional comments or concerns that you would like to share with us?
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THANK YOU for completing this survey! Your input is very important to us!
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