FREE! Bridal Open House at The Glens Tagaytay
Don’t miss this date with the love of your life. Catch the blissful breeze of Metro Tagaytay and the breathtaking surroundings of The Glens Tagaytay. Register now!

Raffle Mechanics
P10,000 Raffle will be given away as the major prize
5 minor winners of P1,000 each

Raffle Mechanics
i. Book ALL supplier = 10 tickets
ii. 2 major supplier = 2 tickets
iii. 2 major + 1 minor = 3 tickets
iv. 1 major + 1 minor = 1 ticket
v. 1 major + 3 minor = 2 ticket
vi. 1 major + 5 minor = 3 ticket
vii. 1 major + 7 minor = 4 ticket
viii. 1 major + 9 minor = 5 ticket

Major Suppliers:

The Glens

Minor Suppliers:

Host Jam
EMS by Anna Sotto
Artuz 101
Santiago Craft Beer
GQ Mobile Bar
Freshminds Photography
Cake Studio by Nadine
Jo Barba
K & A
Flowers for Ever After
Stic Band
Tent King

QUEST CARD - a card with the list of participating suppliers, inquire to at least 8 suppliers, let the suppliers sign the cards after the discussion of their offerings.

Accomplished Quest Card (At least 8 supplier) + at least 1 Book Supplier
-Chance of winning FREE Pre-nuptial photo shoot at The Glens.


MAY 12, 2019 (4:40 PM – Cut off of submission of Raffle Tickets)

1st Raffle 3:00 PM – 2 Minor Prizes
2nd Raffle 4:00 PM – 2 Minor Prizes
Grand Raffle 5:00 PM – 1 Minor Prize

Free Prenuptial Photoshoot at The Glens Tagaytay
10,000 –Major Prize

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