Southern Lakes Advanced Learners Network Member Agreement Form
The Southern Lakes Advanced Learner Network (SLALN) is a co-op of school districts that work together to bring unique programs to advanced and gifted learners in member school districts. As such, all members are active members, and are eligible to participate in all SLALN sponsored events and programs.

As active members, districts are expected to meet the expectations stated below. Please strongly consider your district’s ability to meet these expectations prior to signing this agreement. A signature indicates that your district agrees to abide by the expectations set forth by SLALN or risk ineligibility for membership in future years.

**Clarification of Terms: For SLALN, “district” refers to individual districts as identified by DPI. In the case of a consortium, each member district is considered its own entity, and is therefore required to adhere to individual district membership expectations.**,
School District *
District Gifted and Talented or Advanced Learning Coordinator name (or other main contact for SLALN) *
Coordinator email address *
Our district is completing this membership agreement form by October 1st (firm deadline). *
Our school district will pay annual membership fee of $75 and all program fees by October 31st (firm deadline). *
Our school district will have a representative attend at least three (out of four) business meetings each year, along with proper representation at events. *
Member districts will actively engage in the work done by SLALN. Options include helping on a committee, chairing a committee, hosting an event, or serving on the executive board. Please indicate your selection for active engagement here (select all that apply, minimum of ONE required. NOTE: Attending an event is not equivalent to serving on the event committee): *
For each program in which a district elects to participate, the district must adhere to all requirements for that program (ex. program specific deadlines, editing/uploading/judging requirements for Anthology, participant attendance maximums, adult chaperones, etc.). Not meeting requirements will result in ineligibility to participate in that SLALN program in the following year. Please indicate your agreement here: *
If special circumstances prevent your district from meeting the membership expectations, please completely explain here. Special Circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
My district acknowledges and agrees to the following: If my district does not adhere to the agreements above, the district will receive notification and will have one year of probation to rectify the situation. If the agreement is not met within the probation year, the district will be ineligible for SLALN membership and program participation. *
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