Self-Esteem Assessment
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Do you frequently compare yourself to others? *
Do you frequently feel self-conscious? *
Do you beat yourself up mentally when you make a mistake? *
When you make a mistake, do you assume others are thinking about or talking about what you did?  *
Do you think more negative thoughts about yourself than positive thoughts? *
Does your fear of failure prevent you from doing things you would like to do? *
Do you have one or more physical features that you have difficulty accepting? *
Do you fear making a mistake in front of other people? *
Do you experience anxiety in social situations? *
Do you feel bad about your past mistakes? *
Does it bother you considerably when others disapprove of you? *
Do you do things you don't want to do out of fear of disapproval and rejection? *
Do you minimize the things about yourself that are good? *
Do you believe you deserve whatever treatment people give you because you must have done something to cause it?  *
Do you spend a considerable amount of time worrying about how you look? *
Do you believe that if people could see the real you that they wouldn't like you? *
Do you judge yourself as inadequate in any area of your life? *
Do you feel incompetent most of the time? *
When others disagree with you or criticize you, do you assume you must be wrong and they are right? *
Do you judge your worth by the people you hang with? *
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