Quincy Elementary Parent Survey
Parents, as part of our school improvement process we need feedback from you on a yearly basis to help us identify areas we can improve in as a school. We are hoping you will take a few minutes to fill this out. If you have multiple students, please fill out a separate one for each student so that we can more analyze the data by grade level. Students and staff are also surveyed so we have input from all three different groups. Thanks so much for your feedback!
1. Grade Level - I have a child in the following grade. Mark only one circle. *
2. Safe & Valued - As a parent, I feel I am valued by school staff and made to feel welcome. Mark only one circle. *
3. Teacher/Student Relations - I feel the classroom teacher cares for my child and takes an interest in him/her. Mark only one circle. *
4. School Environment/Safety - My child has expressed feeling unsafe in the following area. Check all that apply. *
5. Student Growth - I feel my child has made noticeable/good progress in the following areas: Check all that apply. *
6. School/Home Communication - How do you perceive the communication from the school? Mark only one circle per row. *
1 - Not valuable
2 - Somewhat valuable
3 - Valuable
4 - Very valuable
Classroom Newsletters/Website
School Website/Videos
School Newsletters
Parent Group
Z For Me
7. Student Friendships - My child has developed/maintained good friendships at school. Mark only one circle. *
8. In general, the amount of homework for my child is: Mark only one circle. *
9. I believe my child's teacher helps me understand my child's progress. Mark only one circle. *
10. Which method is effective in communicating your child's progress? Check all that apply. *
11. I believe the school's areas of strengths are: Check all that apply. *
I believe technology enhances my child's learning. *
12. If there is something you would like to share and we did not ask you on the survey, please comment here.
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