Navigating Fandom: The X-Files Revival

My name is Bethan and I’m a PhD candidate at Aberystwyth University. My PhD research is on how fans navigate fandom at different stages of their lives and their fandoms’ lives, and how fans negotiate sometimes ambivalent feelings around these.

This survey is on how fans and former fans of The X-Files feel about the series’ revival as announced in Spring 2015. Work has been done on endings within fandom, and on fan responses to series endings that delivered less than was promised, but little has been done on revivals. With news that Twin Peaks would return to TV closely followed by the announcement that Chris Carter was in talks to bring back The X-Files this seems like a perfect time to ask how fans process the news that a (once) favoured show is returning and how discussions around quality, content and expectations are navigated.

The survey does not ask your name and unless you are interested in being interviewed via email in the future I will not know who has completed it. It contains a maximum of 16 questions and should take around 20 minutes to complete, though you can take as long as you want.

This questionnaire is only open to those over the age of 18 years. By submitting your responses you agree to them being recorded and processed for the purposes of this research. You may withdraw from participating in this survey at any point.

This questionnaire is approved by the Research Ethics Committee at Aberystwyth University. If you have any questions about this research you can contact me at or my supervisors Professor Matt Hills ( and Doctor Kate Egan (

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