My Game Reach - Call for closed Alpha participants
My Game Reach ( is an online tool which helps you monitor and analyse the effectiveness of your marketing efforts so you can continuously adapt and fine tune your strategy.

We’ve just hit an important milestone and are ready to open up access to a small number of early users. So we’re looking for game developers to join the closed Alpha and help us refine certain aspects of the product offering.

Benefits of joining the closed Alpha
If you’re selected to participate in this first round of our closed Alpha you’ll have full access to My Game Reach and all of the benefits its features offer.

You’ll receive direct attention and will have the opportunity to influence the product.

After the closed Alpha round ends, you’ll be given free access to My Game Reach throughout the remainder of its Alpha and (eventually) Beta phases.

If you aren’t chosen to join this round, in appreciation of your support you’ll be given discounted access throughout the open Alpha and Beta.

What we’re expecting of participants
Just use the system. We’ll be monitoring its performance and stability under the increased load.

We’d also like to maintain an open line of communication with you so you can immediately reach us with any expectations or questions you may have. We’ll also be asking you a few questions of our own regarding your experience. This direct, personal communication is something we are looking for at this stage but don’t worry, we won’t be taking up too much of your time.

You’re not expected to test for bugs or provide in depth feedback. Nevertheless any feedback you’d like to send our way is welcome and always encouraged! You’ll have access to private community areas where you can get involved in the development process.

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