PyData Global 2020 Code of Conduct Report
To make a report on any potential violation of our Code of Conduct (, please fill out this form to the best of your ability.
Your Name
This will be kept confidential. If you wish to remain anonymous, your information will not be shared beyond the response team.
Your Email
Being able to follow up with you makes it easier for us to investigate reports.
The approximate date, time and location of the incident
Please be as specific as possible.
Identifying information of the individual whose behavior is being reported
e.g. name, nickname, screen name, physical description
Description of the behavior, your account of what happened, and any available supporting records
e.g. email, GitHub issue url, screenshots, etc. If reporting harassing language, please be specific about the words used.
Please email any supporting documents that pertain to the incident to
e.g. email, screenshots, photos, etc.
Description of the circumstances/context surrounding the incident
Is the incident is ongoing, and/or is this part of an ongoing pattern of behavior by this individual?
Did anyone else observe the incident?
If possible, please provide names and contact info of anyone else who witnessed or was involved in this incident.
Any other information you believe we should have about what happened or that you'd like us to know.
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