SENSA Labs Application 2019
The application is due March 1st. Interviews will be conducted the following week, and accepted teams will be notified the week after that.

Before You Apply:

SENSA Labs is committed to helping students develop socially impactful ideas and enterprises. In order to be admitted you need to meet the following criteria:

1. Your idea/company must be social impact orientated and that must be evident in your application and mission.

2. You must demonstrate a reasonable amount of thought/preparation in regards to your idea. You do not need to have a fully established company (although we would love to have you if that's the case), but your idea must at least be fully thought out and at a point to which it can be developed into a successful venture.

3. We prefer having established teams but we do also encourage individuals with concrete plans to apply.

We look forward to reading your application!

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