Gender Audit and Assessment
The purpose of this questionnaire is to undertake a gender mainstreaming assessment in Kenyan organisations. 

Gender mainstreaming is a transformative strategy that helps improve the quality of public policies by implementing solutions that cater to the needs of ALL citizens.

Gender mainstreaming is usually achieved when both men and women are given equal opportunity to give their perspectives during projects/programs or decision making. This is how better policies are made by addressing the needs of both men and women.

The concept of gender mainstreaming was first introduced at the 1985 Nairobi World Conference on Women.

Article 59 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, has established the Kenya National Human Rights and Equality Commission. One of the mandates of the commission is to “promote gender equality and equity generally and to coordinate and facilitate gender mainstreaming in national development

This gender mainstreaming survey would like to find out:
1. The extent to which gender mainstreaming is incorporated in Kenyan organisations and organisations operating in Kenya.

This survey will take you less than 10 minutes. Filling it means you have given us consent to use information provided to process data. Your information, personal details and answers will be kept private. This survey is undertaken by Gender Ink and Project Infinity.

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