Interfaith Conference | Saturday November 18, 2017

On November 18 the International Student Chaplaincy, Initiatives of Change, and Haastu organize the Interfaith Conference 2017.

Interfaith Conference: Crossing Borders, Building Bridges
In these times of polarisation there are borders and bridges of all kinds. How do we experience cultural, religious, socio-political and gender-based borders? What can we do to bridge the divides, academically and in our personal lives? The Interfaith Conference 2017 on Saturday November 18 invites you to an open-minded interaction with people who find inspiration from a diverse spectrum of sources. From 10 am till 5 pm the conference offers a diverse program including a multi-religious opening, keynote speech, dialogue tables, a 'human library' (meeting people with stories of inspiration), musical intermezzi and time for interaction. The keynote speaker this year is Professor Farid Esack from South Africa. He is South African Muslim scholar, writer, and political activist.

Date: Saturday November 18, 2017
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Location: Institute of Social Studies, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague

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