GOA-ON Survey
GOA-ON Survey for Biological Observations and Map Updates
GOA-ON exists to improve our understanding of global ocean acidification (OA) conditions and ecosystem responses. This survey seeks community input on two things: 1) biological observations that can be used to monitor the impact from OA and 2) updates to the GOA-ON map (www.goa-on.org/Map/), an interactive representation of current OA platforms and observing activities.

The survey has four sections: please fill out all sections relevant to you:
1) Investigator and Organization information (required)
2) Biological Observations
3) Platform/Project information
4) Biogeochemical Sensors

Section 2 is for providing GOA-ON with your input on existing or planned biological observations.
Sections 3 and 4 are for updating or adding a platform and sensor information on the GOA-ON map. The information provided in these two sections will appear in the "information bubble" when the platform is clicked upon.

Sections 1, 3 and 4 may be submitted multiple times if you have multiple platforms.

Section 1 - Investigator and Organization Information
This section is required. However, you may leave a question blank if you are updating an existing platform and the information has not changed.
Investigator Name(s)
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Contact(s) e-mail address
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Partners, if applicable
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Sponsors, if applicable
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