Sign Up Form for OEA Solidarity Efforts: Adopt-a-Striking Oakland School and Picket Partners

Are you an Oakland Education Association member that wants your school to get support during the strike?

Are you a community organization or group in Oakland that wants to support the potential Oakland Teacher's Strike?

Are you a school worker outside of Oakland that wants to support the potential Oakland Teacher's Strike?

Thanks for your support and read on...

California Educators Rising is helping connect (probably) soon-to-be striking Oakland school sites to rank and file school workers outside of Oakland who want to 'adopt' your school. This could mean providing financial resources, picket line support, social and emotional support - building rank and file connection and solidarity as the educator strike wave reaches Oakland. We coordinated a similar program with schools in LA when they were on strike, and are learning and revising it to meet OEA member needs.

We (Oakland Education Association members) also need support from community organizations here in Oakland. If you are in Oakland and want to support a striking school on the picket line then you can be a Picket Partner. This could mean having your staff or members come out to the picket line at that school for certain times of the day, bringing food/supplies to the picket line or supporting the Solidarity School of that school site.

This is a sign up form for 3 groups of people:
- OEA members who want their site to receive support from allies (adopt a striking school and/or picket partners)
- Union educators across state/country who want to 'adopt' a specific striking school
- Bay area community orgs/businesses/groups that want to provide picket line support by being a "Picket Partners" to a specific striking school

To that end, please fill out the information below so we can turn solidarity feelings from across the state (and nation) into actions and real support for you and your school community -- or so your school/site can adopt an Oakland school! The information you share here will be shared with the 'adopt-a-striking school captain' from the school adopting/adopted by your site.

See more information and places to donate funds to support OEA's efforts here:

People signing up as individual volunteers (not representing a group or school) should sign up here;

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