Welcome to CypherCon 5.0 (2020) Call for Presentations Submission Form!
Deadline to Submit: December 28, 2019

Thank you for your interest in speaking at CypherCon. Our selection process is a little different from most conferences. Once submitted the conference organizer will attempt to de-anonymize your talk information and present to a rotating selection committee with a minimum of five members for selection. These members were instructed to select the most complete talks they think the audience of CypherCon would be most responsive to. In the past, selection has leaned heavily on technical presentations.
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Submission Agreement
Please read and accept these terms by submitting the call for speakers form. Failure to do so will render your submission incomplete. Please read these carefully as some of the terms have changed.

If I am selected to speak, I understand that I must complete and fulfill the following requirements or I may be held solely liable for and will forfeit my speaking slot:

1) I will not hold CypherCon liable for any breach of confidentiality.

2) I declare I have all the required copywrite and associated rights, permission and authorization concerning the use and reproduction for delivering the submitted presentation.

3) I further declare that such work(s) contain(s) nothing that is likely to violate or infringe the copyright of any person that could constitute a reason to institute legal proceedings based on the infringement or violation of such rights.

4) I will complete my presentation within the time allocated to me.

5) If you agree to the recording of your presentation, you understand it will be on the internet and freely available to the public under the sole direction of cyphercon or authorized third parties.

6) I understand that CypherCon will provide 1 projector, 1 screen, and microphone. I understand that I am responsible for providing all other necessary equipment, including laptops and machines (with VGA output), to complete my presentation. If you have a live demo you MUST make a pre-recorded video of it as internet will be unstable.

I have read the above and understand and agree to the terms as detailed in the Agreement to Terms of Speaking Requirements.

Agreement to Terms of Speaking Remuneration

1) I understand that I will be responsible for my own hotel and travel expenses.

2) I understand that I will be given a speaker badge as remuneration for my speaking at the conference.

3) Additional unique conditions may be reached with the organizer directly

I have read the above and understand and agree to the terms as detailed in the Agreement to Terms of Speaking Remuneration.

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