Nominate a Courageous Leader in times of Corona for the 2020 Mary Chirwa Award!
Is there someone in your community, organisation or country who you feel deserves recognition for his/her courageous leadership in these challenging times of Corona? Nominate them for the 2020 Mary Chirwa Award by 15 September 2020 before midnight CET.
Important Nomination Information
- A proven record of courageous leadership in these challenging times of Corona, in a field related to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goal(s).
- A clear aspiration to make the world a better place.
- Must not be a celebrity or a well-known public figure.

15 September 2020 before midnight CET

For the second year, we have the honour to introduce the Mary Chirwa Award for Courageous Leadership. This award will be given to a fearless leader who has stood up for what is right in face of the globally recognised Covid-19 (Coronavirus) challenge. After careful deliberation, our jury will select the awardee with the most outstanding achievements. The winner will be announced during the Nudge Awards Night on 21 October 2020 at the Peace Palace, the internationally recognised institution for peace and justice in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The prize is a US$5,000 cheque to fund a cause related to the field the awardee is recognised for, and an invitation to the Peace Palace Award ceremony in The Hague for both the awardee and the nominator.

Mary Chirwa is the Director General of the Financial Intelligence Centre in Zambia and is bravely fighting corruption in her country. Her dedication to service and desire to create impactful change against all odds, deeply resonates with Nudge. Nudge is proud to honour her with this prestigious award to inspire change makers and leaders worldwide to courageously stand up for what is right. Read her story here:


We look forward to your nomination!
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