RebelReed Intake Form
1. This needs to be completed before our first lesson. Preferably within two days after you sign up/pay for the session.

2. This form is how I am going to start creating a lesson curriculum for you. Take your time and write as much as possible in this form. (Really!) The more you write the better I understand where you're at, how you see your music, and where you want to go.

Also, these questions are designed to help you clarify where you are at, and what you want too.

If you are a returning student and feel like you've filled this out a million times before, don't rush through this. Simply ask yourself, 'what has changed since the last time I filled this out?'. Write from that voice, and I think you'll get a feeling of freshness/newness in your perspective.

Dallas Vietty

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1. Likes and Dislikes (4 questions)
a. Musical things that are exciting to me right now are... (bands, musicians, songs, genres, styles, techniques, exercises, books, etc.) *
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b. Do you know what makes you feel fulfilled/happy with your accordion music? Share it with me. (a few examples: playing with other musicians/friends/family, learning a song to completion, achieving consistency in practice time.) If you're not sure, spend some time thinking about it, it is very important to know to keep you happy and motivated. *
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c. Do you know what you don't like to do on the accordion or in accordion lessons/learning? (examples: I can't stand boring exercises, I don't want to learn from a method book, I hate jazz waltzes : ) What you don't like to do is very important for us both to know too. *
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d. In what ways would you like your accordion playing/music to express you more? (examples: I really enjoy it if my left hand to have more variation, I'd smile if my melodies didn't sound so sound flat and monotonous but more vibrant and alive, it's my dream to learn this song x, I'd sleep better if I could just play this song without making mistakes, x is my favorite accordion player I'd love to play more like them, I'd love to start playing with other musicians, I'd love to perform more) *
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Designing a Lesson Curriculum (3 questions)
a. Use your answers to the previous question (d.) about what would express you more. Come up with 3-5 possible things (like a brainstorm) that we could work on together. (examples: I'd love to start this song x, exercises for my left hand which help me x) *
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b. Music is a PERFORMATIVE artform. What are two possible ways you feel comfortable PERFORMING something we've worked on as a culmination/celebration of these lessons? (examples: perform in the online recital, make a youtube video, play for friends/family at a dinner or get together, busk (perform on the street), play at an open mic night at a local coffee shop or bar.) *
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c. What would be the most fulfilling, happy-making result we could achieve through our lessons at the end of our three months working together? (be pragmatic/realistic but also optimistic!) *
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