Little Miss Allen County Entry
Dear Potential Little Miss Participant/Parent:

This will be the 10th year for the Little Miss Allen County Program and its purpose it to be the main fundraiser for the Miss Allen County Queen Scholarship Fund, as well as, give young girls the chance to experience being apart of Miss Allen County while getting comfortable on stage in front of an audience.

The Little Miss program is open to girls aged 2-16 and participation is NOT limited to Allen County residents. All that is needed to participate is a 4X6 headshot or head/shoulders photo. Photos DO NOT need to be professional.

There will be three age groups. Little Miss Allen County for ages 2-6, Junior Miss Allen County ages 7- 11, and Pre-Teen Miss Allen County, which will cover ages 12-16. Age groups are subject to change depending on number of entries. We try to keep the groups as even as possible to be fair.

The winners of each title will be determined based on the amount of money they collect. Voting will begin during intermission of the 2019 Miss Allen County pageant and will continue through 1pm on Tuesday, July 23rd. We encourage girls to collect money from friends and family prior to the Miss pageant and deposit the funds at that time or drop off prior to the deadline to the fair office. Girls may get creative with their collection methods. Ideas might include “selling” candy-grams, coloring-book works-of-art, or hug-grams. Kiss a pig or sell cookies—the ideas are endless. Know that 100% of the money collected goes to our scholarship fund!

The winners of each title will be awarded a crown, sash, and prizes from local businesses. They will be encouraged to wear their sash and crown around the fairgrounds for the remainder of the Allen County Fair. Each participant will also receive a small crown, special gifts and prizes for participating. We want them all to feel like the little princess they already are! Check out past prize lists on our website.

Each participant and a chaperone will be required to be present during the Miss pageant on July 14th as participants will be welcomed on stage to be introduced. Then the Little Miss coronation ceremony will take place at the Free Activities Stage during the Allen County Fair on Tuesday, July 23rd at 6:00pm with participants arriving at 5:30pm. Each participant will again be introduced and will be doing a short modeling routine at this time—no practice will be necessary as Miss Allen County and court will be there to walk with each of the younger girls. We ask that each participant wear a nice sundress or Easter style dress for the pageant and coronation.

More information about participation in the Miss program and Little Miss coronation will be emailed at a later date and after entry. We are looking forward to a great year and are excited for your interest. Please keep in mind, we have limited room and will only accept the first 25 participants—don't wait.

- Open to any girl aged 2-16, no need to reside in Allen County.
- The program is open to the first 25 participants.
- Age divisions are subject to change depending on entries. We try to keep each division as equal as we can.
- Only one child per household. (Suggestion: If you have more than one daughter. Consider alternating their entry each year.)
- If a contestant wins an age division, they must wait to participate again until they age into the next division or wait at least one year before they participate again. We will not allow back-to-back titles to be one by the same individual in the same age division.
- This program is a fundraiser; so all participants must make an effort to fundraise.
- If a participant does not show up for Little Miss Coronation, they forfeit their prizes.

Michelle Love
Pageant Director

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