"Your Divine Assignment" Insider Book Launch Team Application Form

It's my first time ever to publish a book & I need the best team in the world to help me & support me in this special journey! Would you join me sis?

As an exclusive member of my book launch team, you will:

- Receive a complimentary digital version of the book before anyone else sees it!
- Receive Complimentary Coaching call with me.
- Be part of a Private Facebook Group where you can have access to FREE trainings videos on topics and content related to the book
- Access to BONUS resources and tools specifically created to accompany this book - Early access to materials that won't be available until the book is launched.
- Get to witness and experience the behind-the-scenes of what happens when one is preparing to launch a book.
- Be part on an incredible community that desires to inspire others to pursue their God-given calling!

As an exclusive member of my book launch team, you help me:

- Spread the word about the book through your blog and social media platforms. Our Goal is to get this book to as many women out there who are needing the inspiration to pursue their God call.
- Help comment on published articles, or social media posts about the book.
- Assist in getting the book on well known magazines, radio stations, newspapers who can promote and share about the book.
- Assist in getting the book featured in various online groups and forums
- Read the book and write genuine reviews on Amazon and GoodReads

Whatever we do, I know it's going to be so much fun doing it together and it will be an interesting learning experience for all of us!

If this is you and you know you can commit to the above, I would love to have you be part of the team!
Please fill in the application form and once accepted you will receive an email from me to confirm your application approved and we can go from there!

Massive Thank You in Advance!
Fideliz x
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