2020 Virtual Show Choir Camp 2!!!
AUGUST 3-6, 2020
10am-2pm (Mon-Wed)
10am-12pm (Thur)
*Zoom Virtual Performance at 11:30am on THURSDAY 8/6

The 1st Stars Alive MusicShow Choir camp was such a success we are adding a 2ND one!!

Open to ages 9 & up, this 3.5 day camp will give young performers a chance to sing, dance & act "together" during this very unique summer!

• Start the day with fun singing warmups, vocal technique, and theatre games!

• Learn 2 Broadway/Pop songs with short solos, simple harmonies and choreography!

• Work in small groups to write your own acting scenes to introduce the songs!

• Learn a Broadway style dance routine w/Guest choreographer Erich Polley (we went to college together, he has been on Broadway, and has choreographed/directed many shows for young performers!)

• Lunch break from 12-12:30 where they are free to hop offline (I will remain online)

• Final ZOOM performance on Thursday at 11:30am!! This will include some live and some pre-edited material!!

If your child loves musical theatre, this is a fun, low-pressure way to have a great time, connect with friends, learn some new skills, and get to perform!!

If you are ready to enroll, fill out this GOOGLE FORM and then send payment via Venmo or PayPal:

Venmo: @StarsAliveMusic
Paypal: PayPal.me/chantelmead
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