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This is how you want us to refer to you. Usually persons will use the name of their main toon in the game they're in for this, or their Discord name. There is a section later for entering your Discord name.
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We have this in here as sometimes the discussions that occur in game or in Discord can be a little spicy, and as such we limit membership to those who are 18+ years of age. Please confirm below that you are at least 18 years of age or older. While we try our best to be as inclusive to all members of the gaming community as we possibly can be, we do recognize that we want to give Transcendence members the opportunity to be themselves in an environment where they will not be judged and sometimes that means discussion on some topics can get, ahem, adult.
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Community Guidelines ( These apply both in discord and in any game we play )1. Be respectful to each other.2. Be gentel with chat topics in any general chat.3. Help each other. There is no discrimination allowed towards any of the community members ever. This community has thrived on the above community guidelines for a long time. Please agree to them as a requirement to being part of this loving community.
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