MOM's 5 MINUTE QUIZ-06.19.17
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1.Best answer please: If I have a general question regarding Propel products pertaining to how a product works, or the functionality, I should contact the following: *
2. Best answer please: Who do I contact regarding questions pertaining to solutions that a current ongoing customer is using, or changes to the current customer's solutions? *
3. Best answer please: Propel's new Strategic Account Team is designed to help support high value customers with a significant amount of service. What are the account qualifications to utilize this service? *
4. True or False: Propel Marketing is being re-branded as Propel Business Services *
5. True or False: Google Analytics for beginners is now offered as an optional, but recommended, training program for all Gatehouse sales representatives. *
6. BONUS QUESTION-While the University of North Carolina has never been considered to be a football powerhouse (yes I said never) they can lay claim to be "the first" ever in one area of the game. UNC's football team was the first, ever to... *
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