ITAC - Educator Registration
This form is for Kitsap educators to be included in a directory for internship seekers. The directory will be maintained by KEDA through the Internship Technical Assistance Center, and will not be visible publicly to protect your contact information.

You do not need to be a teacher to use this form - any person involved with education who can help connect students and business will be useful here, including counselors, administrators, and so on.

School or organization name *
What school or educational organization are you a part of? It's ok if multiple people from the same organization register!
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Primary contact name *
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Contact phone *
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Briefly describe what you teach
Include the class names and/or general topics that students are learning.
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What internships will your students need?
What industry and position types would it be helpful for them to get experience with?
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How often will interns be available?
For example, are students available after school year-round, or only during the summer?
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Do you have specific internship requirements?
For example, are your students just trying to get job experience, or are there structured program requirements that will result in course credit for the internship? Is there an internship program coordinator who needs to be involved? If you have a web link to those requirements it will be helpful for businesses to understand your needs.
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Other comments
Please feel free to add any other notes that local businesses may be interested to know about the potential interns you have available.
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