Kaithleen's Chat Moderator Application
Are you enthusiastic about fashion? Do you like to talk about clothing, outfits, looks or just general chit chat? Does Kaithleen's belong to your favourite fashion brands? Do you enjoy helping people?

Perfect - We are looking for YOU!

Kaithleen's is now looking for new group chat moderators to join our team !

We are serious about the employment, we want this job to be done more than a week!
The Kaithleen's Group Chat Moderator will:
- moderate Kaithleen's group chat
- promote Kaithleen's releases in a non-aggressive elegant way (for example forwarding WIP pictures or website links)
- actively converse with Kaithleen's V.I.P. members (ie. proactively start the chat, invite other group members to participate)
- eliminate harassment in the group chat
- be available if needed to teleport to the mainstore and help customers
- be part of a special Moderator group, follow the brand info on prepared and new releases and confirm to the internal rules of the brand which will be disclosed if you are selected for interview

Main benefits of a Kaithleen's Chat Moderators are: FREE access to all of our new releases and GACHA sets.

If you are interested in the position and think you meet all the requirements to moderate growing +17 000 member community, fill in this application form!

If we feel that you are a suitable candidate, Sandrika Broono will contact you for an interview.

Please do NOT contact Kaithleen (zlyskritek.resident).

Thank you and good luck!
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Describe yourself a bit to us. (personality, attitude, interests) Anything you feel is worth knowing about you. :-) *
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We expect you to put in at least six hours a week in group chat at the minimum, plus the TP to mainstore when a costumer needs help here and there, even when you are not signed in. Can you commit to this? *
Are you an English native speaker? *
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Have you been or are you a moderator for any other groups? *
If you have previous experience with the same or similar position, tell us more about it here.
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